I would like to say thank you to those who have taken the time to write me with their kind words and comments. ~Jo-Anne

The Dental Hygiene Clinical Assessment: Compromised or Complete?
Wonderful! Jo-Anne is a wonderful speaker. Funny, knowledgeable, professional. Enough information for 2 years of CE.
Posted By: Janice Graham, RDH
The Dental Hygiene Clinical Assessment: Compromised or Complete?
Jo-Anne was very knowledgeable and explained things in a concise manner. Enjoyed the hands on experience and trying the loupes.
Posted By: Anne Khatweeb, RDH
The Dental Hygiene Clinical Assessment: Compromised or Complete?
Excellent speaker, current info, worth your time and $ to attend!!
Posted By: Karen Spencer, RDH
The Dental Hygiene Clinical Assessment: Compromised or Complete?
Jo-Anne always presents with such passion and enthusiasm that its difficult not to leave a course like this without feeling empowered!
Posted By: Linda Lee, RDH
The Dental Hygiene Clinical Assessment: Compromised or Complete?
I learned a ton! Very informative. Great refresher to get back to basic with what is required along with going above and beyond to obtain best practices.
Posted By: Rebekah West, RDH
Diode Laser Certification Course Testimonials
Jo-Anne, I would like to thank you for coming to our office and completing the training with us. You are a great educator. You were very thorough and explained everything in detail which was very beneficial for our team. The fact that you spent extra time with us and allowed us to have the hands on experience through the training session was once again very beneficial. We are more comfortable and confident having gained the practice through our training session and as a result it will help the whole team seamlessly integrate the laser into our practice.
Posted By: Raluca Cernestean, RDH
Diode Laser Certification Course Testimonials
Great Presentation! I came in with little knowledge on lasers and feel very comfortable using the laser now.
Posted By: Laurie D., RDH
If you want to feel the pulse of the oral health world there is no other than Jo-Anne Jones to enliven the discussion and get to the heart of what is current with the practice and profession of dental hygiene! Her exceptional hallmarks are her compassion, energy and authenticity and the ability to blend all these into engaging presentations on a diverse range of topics.
Jo-Anne’s innovative and entrepreneurial nature along with her engaging communication style has certainly caught the attention of the global oral health community! She is the girl next door, the grassroots, approachable, empathetic and the “go-to “person on any topic in health and wellness.
I have had the pleasure of introducing Jo-Anne Jones as a keynote speaker and professional development facilitator in three provinces as well as recommending her compliment of continuing education offerings and industry connections to local professional associations and non-profit organizations across Canada. Networking and connecting with Jo-Anne on behalf of dental hygienists has been a true privilege. She is one of a kind!
Posted By: Palmer Nelson RDH, DDH, BA Past Pres. Canadian Dental Hygienists Association
Since its inception, rdhu has had the privilege of engaging Jo-Anne Jones, RDH as a core presenter.
Jo-Anne is brilliant educator and a tremendous asset to any business or event. Her unique ability to capture attention and transfer knowledge, appeals to a wide variety of audiences. Jo-Anne has ‘set the bar’ high and surpassed many as her passion guides her every action. She is an inspiration to all dental professionals.
Posted By: Kathleen Bokrossy Founder, Business Director of rdhu
WOW! Great presenting skills, love how Jo-Anne makes everyone feel comfortable to ask questions. Course had all the information that I expected. Love the hands on!
Posted By: Crissy C., RDH
Jo-Anne was great! I found the laser certification course very informative and helpful! I feel confident using my new skills in office.
Posted By: Kristin S., RDH
I have had the honor of working with Jo Anne Jones RDH for almost 10 years. Jo Anne has the unique ability to provide programs that are not only highly emotional and engaging, but that are also motivational. The programs ensure participants take action and become part of the change to find oral disease at the earliest possible stage. She is a true pioneer. Her material is always the most current and well researched of any speaker I have seen on the topic of Oral Cancer. Her program is a must see for any dental healthcare provider.
Posted By: Wayne Rees, National Sales Manager LED Imaging Inc.
Diode Laser Certification Course Testimonials
Jo-Anne, you were fantastic. Most thorough presentation and ‘hands-on’ course we've ever had. Thanks again.
Posted By: Appleday Dental Practice Ontario
Diode Laser Certification Course Testimonials
Great Presentation! I came in with little knowledge on lasers and feel very comfortable using them now. Laurie D., RDH
Great course that provided an understanding of the physics of lasers and hands on demonstration. Another wonderful course from Jo-Anne Jones!
Posted By: Tracy H., RDH
Excellent in every way, Jo-Anne Jones was completely in tune with her audience. I highly recommend her for future conferences and would attend a full morning/full day program with her. Her information was up-to-date/current, extremely valuable course. Thank you!
Posted By: 2014 Yankee Dental Meeting Attendee Boston, MA

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