Speaker Topics

The Perfect "10"

We have been sold a bill of goods encouraging women to be all things to all people maintaining the perfect "10" persona and image.

Men are from Mars. Women Were Born Right Here!

Explore the humorous side of gender differences and also take a provocative look at how the diseases of influence are affecting both differently.

Dare to Dream!

A must attend for today’s professional and a call to action to ‘dare to dream!’

Diode Laser Certification Course For Dental Hygienists

What’s in Your Toolkit to Aid in the Earlier Discovery of Oral Cancer?

*New Interactive Workshop Format*

Oral Cancer Screening for Today’s Population: The URGENT Need for Change *Signature Program*

Alternate Title: Sex and Oral Health: What is the Connection?

The Silent Killer: Understanding and Addressing the Inflammatory Pathway in Today’s Dental Practice

What if we now could slow down the destruction caused by chronic inflammation and impact not only oral health but systemic health?

Xerostomia: Etiology, Clinical Evaluation and Innovative Strategies

Learn how to identify and evaluate salivary hypofunction, recommend effective self-care measures and provide solutions that work!

The Team Approach to a Successful Energized Dental Practice

Discover how to create value both in communication and services that will raise the bar and attain loyalty from your patients.

Societal Trends and Behaviours

At the center of today's health promotion strategies is the improvement and maintenance of oral health. A number of current social and sexual behaviours are placing our dental hygiene client at risk.

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