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Utah Dental Association - Jo-Anne Jones - standing room only
Join Jo-Anne Jones, selected by DPR to join the ‘Top 25 Women in Dentistry’ and a 7th consecutive year Dentistry Today CE Leader for a time to refresh and elevate our personal ability to balance motherhood, marriage, relationships, health and career. Get ready to discover your personal best.

The Perfect "10"

We have been sold a bill of goods encouraging women to be all things to all people maintaining the perfect "10" persona and image. Read more

Men are from Mars. Women are Born Here!

Explore the humorous side of gender differences and also take a provocative look at how the diseases of influence are affecting both differently. Read more

Dare to Dream

From a childhood dominated by fear to an award winning, international, speaker, Jo-Anne Jones combines raw emotion, humor and an inspiring account of how critical turning points in our lives can actually lead to some of our greatest accomplishments. Read more

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Other Popular Topics

Oral Cancer Screening for Today’s Population: The Urgent NEED for Change!

Over 50% of sexually active Americans will have an HPV (Human papillomavirus) infection in their lifetime. This is fueling an escalating rise in the incidence of HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer. Read more…

WORKSHOP FORMAT – “What’s in Your Oral Cancer Screening Toolkit?"

An interactive hands-on workshop designed to equip today’s dental clinician with the skill set to recognize and identify the earliest warning signs of HPV and non-HPV oral and oropharyngeal cancer. Read more…

The Silent Killer: Understanding and Addressing the Missing 'Link' in Today's Periodontal Therapy Programs.

Inflammation often being referred to as the ‘silent killer’ is one of the hottest topics of research. Are we treating or choosing to ignore the inflammatory component of periodontal disease? Read more…

The Team Approach to a Successful Energized Dental Practice

Attacking the challenges that undermine the success of the ‘heart of the practice’ with powerful solutions. A must for all team members! Read more…


6 hours in duration (subject to change pending size of practice) Laser Certification Course for Dental Hygienists offered at rdhu. RDHs training RDHs! Read more

Jo-Anne also offers key-note motivational and inspiring presentations for corporations. Please contact Jo-Anne at for a complete listing of all offerings for both dental and corporate.

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