30 Days, 30 Resources - Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Motivational Keynote Topics for Professional Audiences

Utah Dental Association - Jo-Anne Jones - standing room only
Join Jo-Anne Jones, selected as one of DPR's Top 25 Women in Dentistry and joins the 2020 Dentistry Today CE Leaders for the 10th consecutive year for a time to refresh and elevate our personal ability to balance motherhood, marriage, relationships, health and career. Get ready to discover your personal best.

Hindsight is Always 20/20: Missing the Oral Cancer Diagnosis

Through a guided visual journey of inspiring oral cancer stories of survivors and those who have lost their lives, learn the subtle life-saving symptoms and critical screening techniques that will increase our opportunity to save a life! Read more

HPV and Implications for Dentistry

The emergence of a new type of head and neck cancer has exploded in the last 15 years, affecting younger males predominantly without the traditional and historic risk factors; the culprit, the Human papillomavirus (HPV). What are the implications to dentistry and how should our oral cancer screening be adjusted to compensate for this new profile? Read more

The ‘Missing Link’ in Today’s Periodontal Therapy Program

If the knowledge shared is put into practice, it will change the not only the way we treat periodontal disease but also the outcomes we can expect to receive. Discover the missing ‘link’ in your periodontal program and take your practice and your patient’s health to the next level. Read more

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Other Popular Topics

Please Secure Your Oxygen Mask First Before Assisting Others!

Rest and self-care are vitally important. We cannot serve from an empty vessel. Through a highly interactive presentation style, attendees will explore the signs of burnout and recognize the pathway to prevention. Read more…

Dare to Dream!"

A must attend for today’s professional and a call to action to ‘dare to dream!’ Read more…

Xerostomia: Etiology, Clinical Evaluation and Innovative Strategies

As the population ages and the ‘silver tsunami’ rolls in, are we prepared to address the challenging condition of xerostomia? Read more…

WORKSHOP FORMAT – “What’s in Your Oral Cancer Screening Toolkit?"

An interactive hands-on workshop designed to equip today’s dental clinician with the skill set to recognize and identify the earliest warning signs of HPV and non-HPV oral and oropharyngeal cancer. Read more…

The Soft Tissue Diode Laser: No More FOMO!

Do you have a ‘fear of missing out?’ Discover why over 1/3 of dental hygienists have incorporated the laser into their clinical treatment plans. Read more…

Societal Trends & Behaviors: What We Need to Know as Dental Professionals!

A number of current social and sexual behaviours are placing our dental patient at risk. Read more…

Jo-Anne also offers key-note motivational and inspiring presentations for corporations. Please contact Jo-Anne at for a complete listing of all offerings for both dental and corporate.

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