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Dr. Peter C. Fritz Autumn Newsletter

The 2015/16 season of our Niagara Peninsula Hygiene Study Club is officially underway as we recently welcomed this season's inaugural guest, veteran hygienist and international, award winning speaker Jo-Anne Jones. Jo-Anne presented a provocative, interactive lecture which highlighed the dental hygienist's role in identifying the earliest warning signs of oropharyngeal cancer as well as its connection to the sexually transmitted HPV (Human papillomavirus).

The lecture was well received by our club who amoung many other enlightening facts learned that 75% of all Canadians will have an HPV infection in their lifetime and that the National Cancer Institute has officially stated that oral cancer caused by the infection has risen over 225% in the last three decades. Needless to say, Jo-Anne's message is that of the urgent need for change within the medical and dental community towards screening for HPV infections as well as to recognize the subtle, life-saving signs and symptoms that may accompany HPV oropharyngeal cancer.

As seen all over this page, the attending hygienists were walked through a technique to check for abnormalities in the neck and head area when performing cleanings for patients! All in all, it turned out to be a very hands on lecture!

Acknowledgements: Article from Dr. Peter C. Fritz Autumn Newsletter - Autumn 2015. Used with permission from Dr. Peter C. Fritz.

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