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The ‘Missing Link’ in Today’s Periodontal Therapy Program

Online Training with Jo-Anne Jones at RDHU

CE Hours: 2

Part 1:

Understanding the shift from treating periodontal disease as an infectious disease to an inflammatory disease.

Part 2:

Implementation of the current guidelines into dental hygiene clinical practice.

Course Description:

Long running, ongoing chronic disease such as periodontal disease tips the body’s balance towards chronic systemic inflammation. What if we now could slow down the destruction caused by chronic inflammation and impact not only oral health but systemic health? Periodontal disease has been redefined from a bacterial and infectious disease to an inflammatory disease which has impacted current guidelines. Is your practice compliant with the newly published JADA guidelines for evidence–based clinical recommendations in the non-surgical treatment of chronic periodontitis?

If we continue to choose to ignore we are at a standstill in our treatment progress as well as placing our client’s overall health at risk. The outcome….further destruction and unpredictable outcomes. If the knowledge shared is put into practice, it will change the not only the way we treat periodontal disease but also the outcomes we can expect to receive.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to;

• Elevate understanding and treatment of periodontal disease as an inflammatory disease capable of initiating disease states within the body

• Understand and apply the most current JADA Guidelines and treatment modalities into clinical practice and treatment delivery to improve clinical outcomes and ensure best practices

• Empower the patient through the provision of resources to understand the oral systemic connection and elevate treatment acceptance

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