The Silent Killer: Understanding and Addressing the Inflammatory Pathway in Today’s Dental Practice

What if we now could slow down the destruction caused by chronic inflammation and impact not only oral health but systemic health?

Lecture Synopsis:

Are we still treating periodontal disease as an infection when leading authorities have redefined periodontitis as an inflammatory disease? The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) redefined periodontal disease from an infectious disease to an inflammatory disease. Today the AAP refers to periodontitis as an inflammatory disease with far reaching destructive effects on systemic health and in January 2017 released a newsletter reaffirming the need to address chronic inflammation. The link between periodontal disease and systemic health is becoming increasingly clear and is the benchmark of innovative healthcare delivery. Long running, ongoing chronic disease such as periodontal disease tips the body’s balance towards chronic inflammation. Is your practice compliant with the newly published JADA guidelines for evidence–based clinical recommendations in the non-surgical treatment of chronic periodontitis?

Inflammation often being referred to as the ‘silent killer’ is one of the hottest topics of research. The latest research surrounding the oral systemic link is both startling and compelling. Current research points to an association between oral health and some of today’s most prevalent and deadly diseases namely cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, respiratory illness, and autoimmune disorders.

What if we now could slow down the destruction caused by chronic inflammation and impact not only oral health but systemic health? If we continue to choose to ignore we are at a standstill in our treatment progress resulting in further destruction and unpredictable outcomes. Sound familiar?

Science and research by leading authorities presents a call to action for dental professionals to challenge our thinking. The newly published JADA guidelines 'favor' only one adjunctive therapy to SRP. We have the ability to change lives through the power of our message and the science of our treatment. If the knowledge shared is put into practice, it will change the not only the way we treat periodontal disease but also the outcomes we can expect to receive. It’s time to put our words into action and recognize our role in reducing inflammation and sustaining overall health for our dental patients.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion the course, the participant will be able to;

  • Understand the most current and compelling research related to the oral systemic link
  • Recognize the role of the inflammatory pathway in initiating disease states within the body
  • Elevate understanding and treatment of periodontal disease as an inflammatory rather than an infectious disease
  • Understand and apply the 2015 JADA Guidelines into clinical practice and treatment delivery
  • Empower the patient through the provision of resources to understand the oral systemic connection

Session Reviews:

“Best lecture I’ve been at in a long time. Absolutely vital information that everyone should hear.” Dr. John Thiessen, DDS, Victoria, B.C. 2016 Pacific Dental Conference attendee.

“You will receive practical insights and wisdom, gathered over a professional lifetime of experience. Jo-Anne’s humour, impactful stories and passion for helping others truly unleash their personal power, is a combination that translates into more career satisfaction and fun. Thank you Jo-Anne, for making a difference in my life!” Susan Isaac, RDH, BSc. D., B.Ed. M.Ed.

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