Dare to Dream!

A must attend for today’s professional and a call to action to ‘dare to dream!’

Keynote Synopsis:

From a childhood dominated by fear to an award winning, international, speaker, Jo-Anne Jones combines raw emotion, humor and an inspiring account of how critical turning points in our lives can actually lead to some of our greatest accomplishments.

What is the one thing separating you from greatness? If fear were removed and failure was not an option, what would you pursue in your life? Who told you, you can’t do it?

The past is often a ‘present’. Thankfully we all go through adversity where our coping mechanisms are broken down. It is through these experiences that we are often led to our greatest insights. Have these experiences placed you at the top of the mountain or made you feel like you were going over the edge?

Through a guided exercise, attendees are presented with an opportunity to explore self-awareness and examine the aspects that are holding them back from realizing their greatest potential.

A must attend for today’s professional and a call to action to ‘dare to dream!’

Learn to dream again and take positive steps to change the outcome of your circumstances.

About the Presenter Jo-Anne intertwines personal life stories demonstrating the immense connection between adversity in life to empowerment and change. Jo-Anne’s emergence as a motivational speaker was inspired by her belief that we all have the power within to change the outcome of our circumstances. Jo-Anne shares with her audience key strategies that lead to self-discovery and self-acceptance. Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. We have one life to live. Let’s make it the best it can be.

Session Reviews:

“This class and speaker was awesome. I haven t stopped thinking about it. Such an important topic and the time flew by. I could have listened to her for hours. She has changed my oral cancer screening exam routine for the better.”

es was an amazing speaker. She is so passionate about her quest to get this message out on Oral cancer. I feel every dental health provider should hear her speak so we can get the word out on Sex and Oral Health and slow this transmission down through education.”

“One of the best speakers I have had in my almost 30 years of attending Yankee! She must be invited back next year! Every dental professional needs to hear this message.”

Book Jo-Anne for your event:

Contact Jo-Anne today at 905•719•4166 or by email.

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