As a successful entrepreneur and international award-winning speaker, Jo-Anne brings life, energy, and inspiration to all her presentations. The veteran dental hygienist turned educator has a no-nonsense approach and dynamic speaking style that has made her one of North America's most sought-after lecturers in the dental community.

Jo-Anne has been selected as one of DPR's Top 25 Women in Dentistry and joins the 2023 Dentistry Today CE Leaders for the thirteenth consecutive year. 

Jo-Anne has been described as a very dynamic, knowledgeable, and entertaining speaker with an ability to powerfully communicate her knowledge. Jo-Anne's gift for motivating and inspiring has catapulted her into motivational speaking for Fortune 500 companies and professional women's groups. Jo-Anne is a Key Opinion Leader for a number of leading corporations in the dental community. A frank and open lecture style and a focus on audience engagement complemented by the provision of educational and clinical resources has earned Jo-Anne many loyal followers both nationally and internationally.

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