A selection of various articles I've written that have appeared in publications or online. They are available either to be viewed online here on my site, and many are available as a Adobe PDF file for viewing or that you may download for your perusal later. ~Jo-Anne

Jo-Anne Jones, left, receives the Elizabeth Craig Award of Distinction from ODHA President Sheniza Blackburn.

The Elizabeth Craig Award of Distinction was presented to Jo-Anne Jones in recognition of her exceptional and ongoing commitment to promoting the dental hygiene profession.

A dynamic presenter who captivates audiences with her knowledge, enthusiasm and sense of humour, she has earned many loyal followers, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Her commitment to educate dental hygienists and the public on human papilloma virus (HPV) oral cancer has raised awareness about early detection and is changing the way dental professionals screen for oral cancer. She received the PennWell award for her article on the rising incidence of HPV related oropharyngeal cancer.

A respected key opinion leader amoung leading corporations within the dental community, Jo-Anne was named by Dental Products Report as one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry and continues to be a Dentistry Today Continuing Education Leader.


Congratulations also to Heidi Linton and Marylynn Nael.


Acknowledgements: Article from FOCUS - July 2015. Used with permission from ODHA.ON.CA.


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